March Meetings

UPCOMING MEETING (** = Points Event)
Club Meetings
**March 9th, Wednesday Monthly Meeting: 7:30pm @ Stadium Bar & Grill, on Peoria Rd. We will have the back room (sans dart league) for our Pay Your Dues Meeting. Come share your winter & “I made it thru the pandemic” stories & hear about the upcoming Miler events & rides. We
should all be pleased that several new members, e.g., Dave, Mark, & Matt as well as rather new members, e.g., Paul, Jason, & Brent have regularly attended meetings and events. It’s time for long-time members
who haven’t been to a meeting in a while to quit being slackers… All are encouraged to come out & share your plans & ideas for the upcoming riding season! With any luck we may be able to ride to this meeting….

March 16th, Wednesday Activities Meeting: Mama Lee’s @ 7:30pm
6111 Mechanicsburg Rd. This is the meeting where we devise & plan upcoming activities. Come to an activities meeting to join in the fun…. The owners provide us with a free pizza & the fried chicken is excellent!