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el Presidente: Garry White Vice President/Club Electrician: Bob Walbert „
„ Treasurer: Jim (the ŌuÕ comes first!) Struebing Secretary: Ray (GSus) White „
Newsletter Editor: She Who Cannot Be Named Webmaster: Steven Sgro „
„ Spiritual Overseer: Steve Unverzagt He Who Oversees the Overseer: JB Norris Broken Down Vanagon Owner: Wade Ebert World Correspondent: Ron Havens

Newsletter:November 2019

UPCOMING EVENTS (** = Points Event)

**Nov. 13 MILER MONTHLY MEETING – 7:30pm, at The Stadium in Springfield,

located on Peoria Rd. just one block north of Sangamon Av. We will have the back room and food is available.
NOTE: At this meeting we will be having a MilerÕs Motorcycle Flee Market. Bring any motorcycle related item to the meeting and see if you can get another Miler to pay your price.

Nov. 20 Activities Meeting – 7:30pm at Mama LeeÕs Sandbar (formerly Riverside Rock nÕ Roll, formally Sandbar Tavern) on Mechanicsburg blacktop. From Springfield, take I72 east, then take the Camp Butler exit (first exit), turn right at the Stop sign, go about a mile, Mama LeeÕs will be on your left (just past the second bridge).

THE MILERÕS CHARITY .......... Kids CafŽ at the Central Illinois Food Bank
**** Steve Unverzagt got the Milers involved and the Milers will keep it going. ****

Stephen Unverzagt is in charge of the MilerÕs Kids CafŽ donations.


MilerÕs Networking Wednesday – As El-PresidenteÕ says, ŅBecause twice a month isnÕt

enough.Ó Check your Miler e-mail for location, starting time is 5:30pm and is on the fourth Wednesday.

Miler Country Store – Tony Mangiaracina is now the Miler Store Manager. Contact Tony for any Miler paraphernalia.

Wrist Bands - Greg Bandy had wrist bands make in memory of Jay Wavering and are being handed out by Chip.

MILER ELECTION RESULTS: All elected members stay the same, President: Garry White, Vice President: Bob Walbert, Treasurer: Jim Struebing and Secretary: Ray White.
Jim Struebing said that he will stay for one more year but come October of 2020 he will not run for reelection. Who wants to be our new Treasurer?



MILER EVENTS/RIDES if anyone has any ideas for any group rides please bring them to the Activities meeting. If you canÕt make the meeting, you can pass your idea on to Garry White or Bob Walbert.

**Oct. 25-27 Miler Halloween Campout – at Jim Edgar Panther Creek Fish and Wild Life Area, West Group Campground. Check your GPS or paper maps and/or follow the signs along the road. Family and friends are welcomed. This is a campout so bring you camping gear whether it be a camper or tent. On Thursday Oct. 24 at 12 noon, we will need Milers to help load fire wood into SnellÕs truck.

PLEASE NOTE: We need a head count so please contact one of the board members and give them the total number of your family and friends that will be attending.


Friday Dinner: Paul and Janel White, Hot Saturday Dinner: Chris Martin, Hobo Packs Dogs Jim Oliver. Baked Beans Sunday Breakfast: Mike Lautemann, ??? Saturday Breakfast: Jim Snell, Biscuits and

We also need cover dishes to go along with the dinner meals.Bring: chairs, bug repellent and of course if you are camping all your gear. Beer/beverages: is BYOB, this includes soda and water.
Miler Ride: There will be a ride on Saturday starting sometime after breakfast with a stop along the way.


**JAN. 11 2020, MILER MEETING/HOLIDAY PARTAAY – NOTE: The meeting will be moved from Wednesday Jan. 8 to Saturday Jan. 11. We have a venue in mind. More info to come.

MILER SALES LOT – to place an ad for any MOTORCYCLE related item send an e- mail with all the details to Ray White. Also donÕt forget to inform me that the item(s) have been sold so I can remove them from this list.
2004 BMW R1150RT, low mileage, Sargent seats front and rear, $3500, contact Jim Snell 652-8055.

2011 R1200RT, clean, new tires, fresh service, ready for the summer, Miler Price $8500--- for $500 more you can also have a color matched top case, Garmin GPS and BMW tank bag. Contact Garry White 725-2648.

MOTORCYCLE RALLIES, RACING AND OTHER EVENTS No More Moonshine Lunch Run – in Moonshine, IL Search Google Maps, it is there.

Per their web site below, although the store is still open last year was the last MLR.
So, maybe as a club ride we can take a ride to the Moonshine store. www.moonshine-run.com

Races highlighted in RED are in or close to Springfield.

2019 Racing Season is just about over.

2019 MotoGP Racing Schedule:

Nov 1-3 Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix, Nov. 15-17 Grand Prix Valenciana, Circuit Sepang International Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Spain